by Bullet Blues

Welcome to the Bullet Blues blog. I’m Isabelle and I design high quality jeans and apparel for Bullet Blues. I’m originally from France, and you’ll see that my designs have a European flair.

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Our jeans are unique in that they are made in the USA using only American made materials. We offer a great line of men’s jeans as well.

It seems that everyone has a hard time finding jeans with a perfect fit, and I did, too. That’s why I started Bullet Blues Jeans. Not only did I want perfect-fitting, comfortable jeans, I preferred to buy American.

What could be more American than blue jeans? And why did I find that the quality brands were made overseas using foreign denim and materials?
I wanted to use the resources we have here in the USA, and I’ve made it happen.

I love everything about shopping, jeans, fashion, and I’ll be updating the blog regularly, sharing some news and ideas about fashion, and telling you more about Bullet Blues.

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