You Want These Jeans!

by Bullet Blues

Fashionable. Comfortable. And made in the USA.

What’s not to love about Bullet Blues Jeans?

Look at what our customers are saying…

     “Very comfortable Bullet Blues Jeans!”Josh Miller, from
      Made in the USA: A 30-day Journey

      “Love the jeans!!! Great quality!!! Buy American!”—Mark Hilderbrand

      “I’m obsessed with my Bullet Blues Jeans!Kathleen Craig

      “I love these jeans! I’ve been looking a long time for jeans to fit this perfectly!    Finally. My husband say his Bullet Blues jeans are the most comfortable he’s ever worn.” —Traci Buto

     “My wife loves her Bullet Blues.”—James Chaloux

      “I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, with your awesome jeans!!! But what woman isn’t, right?More so because they are Made in USA.”—Margarita Mendoza, from the Made in America Movement

“I really enjoy my BB jeans, very comfortable.”—Joe Venci

     “I love my Bullet Blues jeans… so comfortable and great quality! LOVE American made. Thank you!”—Kelly Westhoven Lieberman

           “My “Bullet Blues” fit amazing and look fabulous!! Incredible quality too.It’s a winner!!! Will definitely recommend to everyone.”—Beth R. Snyder

And our European friends rave about Bullet Blues too:

“Ce jean a été offert à mon père à noël.
Il est très agréable à porter et très souple!”—Melanie Proux

Men’s and women’s Bullet Blues Jeans in Nuit

We’re proud that our Bullet Blues Jeans are American-made by talented American craftsmen. All of our materials are American made, right down to the last detail. So not only are the jeans made here, the components—the premium denim, the buttons, the rivets, etc.—are too.

The high-quality denim we use for Bullet Blues has just the right amount of stretch—that’s what makes our jeans sexy AND comfortable. Our high-end denim will last forever—the color will stay the same wash after wash, and the length won’t shrink. If you’re looking for a dressier jean, our Nuit shade of denim will put the ‘sophisticated’ into your jean wardrobe. The Jour color is a little more casual—faded blue with a laid-back look.

The Bullet Blues “Babe” jean in Jour

“Babe” is the hot women’s style that makes you look and feel taller and slimmer. Featuring a boot-cut leg with an outside seam running down the leg, the amazing Babe elongates your body. Dress them up or down, wear them anywhere—your Babe jeans are basic and versatile.  They fit like a glove and still have a comfortable fit. Our women’s sizes run small, so order a size up; a 27 in Joe’s Jeans fits like a 28 in Bullet Blues.

The “Nationalist” jean in the Jour shade

The “Nationalist” jean for men features a relaxed fit with a medium low-rise waist. If you’re an athletic guy, you’ll have plenty of room in the thighs. If you’re not, the Nationalist jean will give your that perfect relaxed fit. They’re soft, comfortable and allow for freedom of movement. The styling is casual and great for men who want a good-looking easy jean. Our men’s jeans run a size bigger than others. So if you’re wearing a 34 in Levi’s relaxed fit, a size 33 Bullet Blues Nationalist jean will be your perfect pair.

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