A free pair of Bullet Blues jeans!

by Bullet Blues

We’re feeling patriotic! Summer seems like it’s just around the corner—and summer is one thing that reminds us of why we love America. Memorial Day, picnics, the Fourth of July,  fireworks, the beach, roadtrips, blue jeans and backyard barbeques!

So we wanted to ask the question:  When you think of the “American Spirit” what do you see?  So many symbols and images remind us of the American spirit, so we wanted wanted to know what you think. Do you think of the flag, a place, a person or something else? Get creative—there’s a lot to love about America and  so many images that symbolize what you love about it.

Here’s some inspiration for you.

Let us know what says “American Spirit” to you and you can win a pair of our American-made great-fitting, comfortable Bullet Blues jeans.  All you have to do is post a picture to our contest page, then you can share it on Facebook or Twitter to get your friends to vote for you. The picture with the most votes wins a pair a Bullet Blues jeans!

Click here to enter.

The contest ends on Saturday, 4/21. You can vote ’til 4/24.

Keep the votes coming—then we’ll announce who posted the winning picture.  So find a really special picture (or even take one yourself) and post it on the page.

Happy posting, and good luck!

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