What goes into the cost of our jeans?

by Bullet Blues

We’ve told you that Bullet Blues is firmly committed to the “Made in USA” philosophy. We’re very proud that our jeans are made in America using materials that come from the US.

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Everyone wears jeans, but did you ever stop to think what goes into the making of your favorite blue jeans? Probably not. But it’s a interesting subject, especially when you look at the way Bullet Blues jeans are made, and all the American components that go into them.

You may want to watch this enlightening clip about the history of denim and the design and production process of making blue jeans. The Cone company that you see is the same source that we use for our denim. Their denim looms are renowned for the quality denim they weave.

But even before all the components come together, the design and sample production processes have to happen. You’d be surprised how lengthy and complicated that can be! Rather than using an existing pattern, the design of our jeans is original, producing a uniquely sexy and flattering fit.

From the design, a sample pattern is made, which is what makes the fabulous fit of your Bullet Blues jeans. That pattern is the blueprint for the prototype. If you go through more than three rounds of corrections to the prototype,  there will be additional charges.

bullet blues jeansFit, fabric and many other details need to be chosen and sourced beforehand. All of the details are worked out so that the prototype is flawless. This means a lot of tweaking and back and forth between the manufacturer and Bullet Blues. Even the shipping costs get expensive!

But every aspect of  your high-quality Bullet Blues jean has to be just right–the placement of the pockets, the stitching, everything. Once that perfect sample is made, then production can begin.

So many components go into making a pair of Bullet Blues jeans. First, of course is the denim. We use only the finest quality denim, made with 1% spandex that stretches. After one wearing, your Bullet Blues will be broken in and will retain their shape so they’ll always fit perfectly.

Many consider Japanese denim to be the best, but we have found a fabulous high-quality denim made right here on US shores.  Our fabric comes from the Cone Company in North Carolina. The fabric alone is about $12.00 per jean. The denim price is about $7.50 per yard and it requires 1 and 1/2 yards of fabric to make one pair of Bullet Blues jeans. Then there are the buttons and rivets, and even those are custom-made in America, in a plant in Kentucky.

bullet blues production

We tested our denim for shrinkage and color. We wanted to make sure that the length of your jeans won’t shrink. And unlike some expensive jeans, the dark blue color of Bullet Blues won’t bleed onto your clothes. We utilized a special process that insures that the blue dye stays put. You can wear a white shirt with Bullet Blues and never worry about the dark denim color rubbing off onto your clothing!

Certainly the most important part of Bullet Blues jeans is the labor involved. Our skilled team produces the  jeans in Los Angeles. The employees are given great benefits; many companies offer low pay and no vacations.  The employees that make Bullet Blues jeans take great bullet bluespride in making a truly American-made product.

Since we have such high standards, there is a certain amount of waste involved. If any part of the manufacturing process goes wrong, we have to scrap the entire pair of jeans, because we won’t settle for anything less than a pair of perfect Bullet Blues!

And of course our great customer service representatives are right here in the USA. From start to finish, when you buy Bullet Blues jeans, you’re supporting the American workforce.

All of this adds up. Our prices are right in line with comparable brands like Joe’s Jeans, Citizens of Humanity and 7 for All Mankind. But those jeans are imported or made with imported fabric! And some brands may say they are American-made when they aren’t. Show your patriotism by buying Bullet Blues. American products are made with pride, so with Bullet Blues you’re paying for the quality, not the brand name.

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Bullet Blues offers a unique, high-end, comfortable jean that’s made in America. We offer a simple, classic design that’s versatile–you can wear them anywhere. The men’s jeans are dressy enough for almost any occasion, but they are sturdy enough to wear while you’re working. You’ll see and feel how painstaking we are when you put on your Bullet Blues jeans. These aren’t mass-produced jeans from China, they are truly American, made with American pride!

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So, be a patriot and buy a pair of Bullet Blues Jeans—Mother’s Day is coming up, and your mom needs a pair, too!