Bullet Blues jeans sizing

by Bullet Blues

Do you have a closest full of clothes with different sizes? We don’t mean your “fat” clothes…we’re talking about sizing that isn’t quite consistent from brand to brand. You might wear a 6 in one brand, and a size 8 in another…sizes vary.

bullet blues jeans

Bullet Blues jeans have a great fit–they’re flattering and comfortable. We offer jean sizes for women from  24 to 32, and men’s sizes 30-37. Men’s and women’s both come in two inseam lengths—32 and 34.

But our jeans are sized a bit differently than some of the other brands. In fact, few jeans are true to size. You may need to adjust the size you buy…your Joe’s Jeans size might not be the same as a Bullet Blues jeans size. And if you’re a guy, your Levi’s Relaxed Fit jean may fit slightly different than our Nationalist jean in the same size.

For women’s jeans our sizes run a bit small. If you take a 24 in the Honey model of Joe’s Jeans, order up one size (25) to get the perfect Bullet Blues Babe fit.

Here is the Babe jean in a size 24. Tight fit in the rear.

The Babe jean in size 25.
Same model, looser fit in the rear.

Likewise, if you were to compare ours with your Paige jeans, our size 25 will fit perfectly if you normally fit into size 26 Paige jeans in the “Classic wise boot” style. The waist of your Bullet Blues Babe jean will have a higher waistline than theirs.

For our men’s jeans, our sizes sometimes run large compared to other brands,  so you may want to buy one size smaller than you normally wear.

With all of this in mind, we wanted to compare the sizing and measurements of our jeans vs. a few other brands of jeans.Take a look at the pictures for a comparison.The waist of most jeans falls below the natural waistline. This is why, for example, size 24 jeans could measure as much as 28 inches around.

You can see the difference in waist size in the photo below: our Babe jeans in size 25 measure 12.5 inches across the waistline when you lay the jeans flat. They are true to size. LA Idol jeans and Joe’s Jeans Honey jeans measure slightly larger. When you double the measurement across, the LA Idol jeans in a size 1 measure 26 1/2 and the Joe’s Jeans in the size 24 Honey style  measure 27 1/2 inches around. This means that while Bullet Blues have an allowance of about an inch, the Honey jeans have an allowance of 2 1/2 inches.


Our size 31 Nationalist jeans for men measure 16.5 inches across, meaning there is a two inch allowance in the waist size. Citizens of Humanity size 31 are the same size. The 2 inch allowance is because the jeans will hit below the natural waistline. A size 32 in Levi’s Relaxed Fit would measure the same as our size 31.Men’s jeans are normally larger than the true waist size, and Bullet Blues Nationalist jeans are just slightly bigger.


Basically, if you order a great pair of Bullet Blues, just keep this in mind so that you’ll get a perfect fit:

In women’s sizes, order one size larger than you normally would.

In men’s sizes, you should sometimes order one size smaller than you normally would, depending on the brand.

Simple! You’ll get a comfortable and flattering fit. If have any questions about sizing, email us at bulletblues2011@aol.com or call 954-235-9098.

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