Bullet Blues would like to thank Josh Miller

by Bullet Blues

Josh Miller and Bullet Blues

We’ve talked about “Made in the USA: A 30-Day Journey” on Facebook, and you probably know that Josh Miller, the man behind the documentary is a person we admire and respect. We met him in South Florida recently and he and his crew are real patriots–nice guys who are dedicated, smart and breathe life into the Made in the USA philosophy. Their commitment is contagious!

Josh Miller and Bullet Blues

We want to thank Josh for taking the time to visit us and interview us about the hurdles a small business needs to navigate when trying to keep their enterprise “Made in the USA.” Our thanks also goes out to Blue Moon Fish Company, where our interview took place. As you can see from the pictures, it is a lovely restaurant and the owners made us feel welcome and helped us with Josh’s “made in the USA” requirements.

We want to thank him for getting the word out there, and making the point that using only American-made products isn’t easy…he didn’t have an easy time of it. Think about that: all he was trying to do was to live using nothing but American-made products. And that wasn’t easy.

Bringing that fact to the attention of Americans is really important.  Josh did it. In this documentary, he had to struggle to find products made in the USA. Traveling across this country and abiding by that rule wasn’t simple. And you know, it should be. Every single product that you use–you should have the choice to buy a USA-made product.

We can’t thank him enough for including us in his trip across the US, and for getting our input about companies, large and small, who believe that “Made in the USA” matters. The more that people become aware of this philosophy—reading labels, asking companies where their products are produced, and letting companies know that USA-made is important–this can make a big difference. If we can be part of that,  we’re honored and grateful.

So, thank you Josh, and hats off to you. We were so happy to meet you and to be involved in the documentary and the message you’re broadcasting. Americans read you, loud and clear!

You rock!