Bullet Blues would like to thank Margarita Mendoza

by Bullet Blues

Margarita Mendoza, the tireless force behind the Made in America Movement has really stepped it up–she is doing so much to help get the word out about the importance of USA-produced merchandise.  She has created an important organization that is really making an impact. The Made in America Movement helps the nation’s economy by giving recognition to companies that make their products in the US. The Facebook page for the movement has lots of information about USA companies and other stories about the USA-made philosophy.

She has also helped Bullet Blues in many ways. We’d like to give her a very special thank you.

Margarita is part of  the “American Made”  radio show which is broadcast on Internet Radio America. Last week she featured Bullet Blues as one of the companies offering products made in the USA. She was kind enough to mention Bullet Blues on the show, and for that we are extremely grateful. When companies come together in support of each other and in support of the made in USA philosophy, it helps everyone involved.

Her efforts with the Made in America Movement promote awareness–namely that one individual can make a difference in our country’s economy. We are so pleased to be part of this movement and that Margarita has helped promote Bullet Blues. Thanks very much, Margarita, and we know you’ll keep up the good work. We’re honored to be part of that!

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