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by Bullet Blues

Tomorrow is a significant day…for many reasons. The 4th of July is the day we celebrate America’s independence. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by our Forefathers.

Tomorrow is also the day that the much-anticipated trailer for “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” will be released. In this documentary, Josh Miller traveled the country for 30 days in May, talking to folks about buying American and what that means. Does it really mean anything anymore? As the tagline for the documentary says, “We’re willing to DIE for America, but are we willing to BUY for America?”

Starting at midnight tonight, the trailer can be seen at, as well as on the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We encourage you  to check it out, and send the link to everyone you know. Get the word out..let’s help the trailer go viral!

In the trailer, you’ll see what Josh encountered during his 30 days. Along his journey, Josh had a self-imposed limit—he could only use products that were made in the USA. He had to struggle to find everyday things—beds, showerheads, clothes, food…and he faced many other hardships. He also interviewed businesses that are committed to the made in the USA movement, and the struggles they encounter trying to run a company in the US.

We’ve seen the rise and fall of USA-made products, but can this movement help see it rise again? We know it can—and will. The more people who see the trailer, the more people will be aware of the impact that one person can have—just by buying American. The trailer is just a glimpse of a documentary that can truly change the country’s buying habits—a change that can cause sweeping changes in the country’s economy.

Before the trip began, Josh shot a preview. He’s a man of his word, so when he made the commitment to his journey, it was clear he was going to succeed.

Along his journey, Josh stopped by Coral Springs to visit Bullet Blues. He interviewed a group of us and we talked about the challenges faced by a company like Bullet Blues, and what the average American thinks  about when buying an item—does “made in America” really affect buying choices?

We were very grateful to be a part of his journey, and to talk to him about his experiences on the road, and what our company is all about. We are committed to producing our jeans and apparel in the US, using USA-made materials. We’re proud to be part of the growing number of companies that feel that way.

Here’s a quote from Josh about the film:

“Many believe this film will be a catalyst towards the “Made in the USA” movement. Many say I have become the face of the “Made in the USA” movement, I am honored to receive such compliments from fans and my response is quite simple! The future of this country belongs in our hands and that should remain true, the day our future no longer belongs to “the people”, America will be no more.”

Josh and the film were also featured in the media, including the front page of the Jackson Star News:

The trailer for “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” is just the first step. Josh Miller will be completing the documentary and releasing the full-length film. We know that it will be a huge success on the big screen! Bullet Blues is proud to be a “Friend of the Film” and we know the trailer is just the start of how Josh and all the similarly-thinking people will change the landscape of our great country.

So, get the word out. Make sure everyone you know, or anyone who needs to know about our cause (politicians, CEOs, and the media) sees the trailer. We know that “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” will be the catalyst the brings about change!

Tomorrow, have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone!