Choosing “Made in the USA”

by Bullet Blues

bullet bluesBullet Blues loves American-made products! Our jeans are proudly made in the US, using US-made materials. We are fully committed to the importance of buying American, and using American sources for materials. There are some things that the men and women of this country do best…for one thing, they produce great American-made blue jeans. Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Increasingly, consumers can choose from a wide variety of US fashion brands. Designers and retailers are realizing the importance of the “Made in USA” label. Jobs in the apparel industry are coming back to the US. Our demand for US-made clothing means suppliers find ways to make their products here in the states.

The entrepreneurial spirit that you see in the small (and not-so-small) US companies is a testament to what makes this country great. Freedom also makes this country great—as consumers and citizens, we all have choices. Innovation and ingenuity are characteristics that are part of the American spirit.

And the fact that our nation is populated by people from so many cultures, bringing their unique characteristics to the mix–that’s another reason that the US is known for its excellence in so many categories. America’s diversity is what makes it unique.

american made blue jeans

Opportunity, freedom,  innovation, diversity…these are the qualities that define America. How can we not all be proud of that?