Comfortable and sexy!

by Bullet Blues

Sometimes girls want to be sexy, and sometimes girls want to be comfortable. And almost all of the time we want to wear jeans! Of course you can be both sexy and comfortable–Bullet Blues are flattering no matter what.

But it’s nice to have a pair that’s a little less tight. They fit, it’s just that the fit is a little roomier. Those are your Bullet Blues for the day after that weekend of indulgence! You might want the darker Nuit shade in a bigger size–it’s little more sophisticated, and darker colors are always slimming.

bullet blues

Then there are the pair that you wear when you really want to rock your denim and turn heads. Bullet Blues will give  you that shape that gets noticed. The sizes aren’t that different–for instance, a 27 and and 28 are pretty close, but you want a fit that really hugs every curve. And keep in mind that they do stretch a little. For a fit that really molds to your shape, you want a size that feels really tight at first!

bullet blues

You can have the best of both worlds…buy a tight pair and a comfy pair of Bullet Blues.

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