Help honor brave soliders with this Kickstarter campaign!

by Bullet Blues

We are enlisting the help of all of friends on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

As most of you know, we here at Bullet Blues are patriots and we believe that the men who fought for the USA and countless other countries should never be forgotten. It has such importance to us, the name “Bullet Blues” was coined to honor  those brave hearts and souls. Bullet Blues understands the courage and valor of those who fought so bravely to keep America and Europe free in the World Wars.

We were reminded of those feelings when we were recently contacted by a friend. We’d like to give as much support as possible to a book that he is writing. We feel very strongly that this book needs to be published, and we’re asking you to look at the Kickstarter campaign that is behind it. If you could, help and share this story with everyone who you might feel would be affected by it. Please see the Kickstarter donation page here, as well as this page to learn more about the project.

Author David Huntley, speaking on behalf of his novel, writes:

“As an Englishman who survived the London blitz, has lived on three continents, now settled in Texas, I feel I can tell Y’ALL about the following novel; The story I will be telling in the “Death Watch Beetle” is a fictional account of a period in post WWII Europe based on a number of historical observations and events. The distinction between fact and fiction will be up to the reader to decide. The beginning of the story will focus on an American Air Force base in a town near London that had been a critical part of the Allied effort in World War II. In the early and late fifties however, the base had become a weather and communication station for the US AirForce with some additional top secret functions.

These additional functions include some remote spying activity on the Soviet Union prior to the employment of the U2 spy plane. Additionally, the local US intelligence officer at the base became involved with a certain recently de-mobilized member of the free Polish Army, now living in England. He had information about an ex-Nazi officer who had been engaged in top secret weapons development in Eastern Europe during the German occupation. Due to a mistake in a hand off at the local parish church, a local man had inadvertently come into possession of an encrypted note that was supposed to have been delivered to the aforementioned US officer by the Polish émigré.

It is from this point on that the story unfolds into an international hunt for the missing Nazi and for any information of the technology he was responsible for. Our local hero becomes embroiled in this intrigue and is caught up in a tense and dangerous game of deception to fool the Russians and even the French who were keen to discover and exploit new weapon technologies. You can read a little further into the plot by going to my book summary on the web site.

 I am seeking your help in bringing this story to life. With your assistance I would like to raise $15,000 to cover the cost of professional self-publishing, book cover design, printing of paper backs, hard cover versions, and ebooks to satisfy the pledge rewards.

Also, the funds will help to obtain a PR specialist to bring the work to the attention of a mass audience. From a single $1 pledge to the ambitious level of $1000.00 I would be humbly grateful for your support. I will have really terrific rewards for those who pledge. These include copies of my work, as well as a beautiful coffee table book by an internationally known photographer, a book of England’s Crown Jewels and their history, and finally for a $1000 pledge I will arrange for a private & personal tour of the Tower of London,(travel NOT included). For me personally, and for my wife who lived under Nazi occupation in France, my book will be a small token of thanks to those brave Americans who came and saved us all in Europe at a critical moment in world history. It will also be dedicated to the Polish Free Army who served so very bravely in Italy with the Americans and because of the Cold War could not return to their homeland. They went on to live new lives in England and Canada. I also cannot forget the thousands of French men and women who remained true to France and who suffered greatly during the occupation.

 I would like to say if any person who pledges at any level, has a direct relative, a parent or grandparent who fought or died in combat in Europe in WWII, I ask you to provide the verifiable details. I will have their names published in my book. It’s just another way for me to say thanks.

So my friends, I urge Y’ALL to pledge willingly and freely so that I may provide you with an entertaining read while my gratitude is expressed to the many who could not be here to receive those thanks today. Thank you very much.”

The novel sounds so very compelling! We’d like to help see that the book gets published. If you can, please join us in donating on the Kickstarter page, because every little bit helps, and this is such a worthy endeavor that Mr. Huntley has embarked upon!