The Bullet Blues and MiUS photo shoot

by Bullet Blues

We’re so excited that our Bullet Blues jeans are going to be available at the M.i.U.S. Collection next month!

We have to share some absolutely great shots of our jeans and other merchandise. Bella Fotos made all these beautiful girls look fantastic, and we love the way our jeans look, too. Don’t you love this shot of Saideh Yousefi rocking our Bullet Blues Babe jeans?

bullet bluet jeans

This shows just how flattering Bullet Blues are…

bullet blues jeans

And here’s a shot of all the girls having some fun!

Bullet Blues

We really love this shot, too!  Check out all the shots at the Bella Fotos gallery.

Bullet Blues

We’re thrilled to be working with Millie Soto-Karkoff at M.i.U.S. collection. We’ll let you know when the site is live and you can order our jeans and other great USA-made merchandise there. In the meantime, you can order our jeans at our website, but be sure to check out all the other amazing merchandise at M.i.U.S on their Facebook page.

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