The “Made in USA” community

by Bullet Blues

We’ve recently received some private messages asking about our “rates” to feature a few US-made products on our Facebook page or blog. We just wanted to clarify—Bullet Blues doesn’t mention products or organizations for fees.

We’re always excited when we find a great American-made product or cause—and we like to share it with everyone when we do! We want to help out other people who are committed to the made in the USA movement—all the small and not-so-small companies out there.

bullet Bues

We’re always appreciative when someone helps get the word out about Bullet Blues—we love it! It feels good to be part of a community that helps promote each other. And of course, we’re open to co-branding opportunities and promotions with other companies.

It’s always nice to see a post from someone on our wall about their company that we might not know about. We like to think that the made in USA community is one big family. So, if you’re a company that makes products in the USA, or a retailer that carries USA products, or someone who likes our product, introduce yourself and say “Hi”!  But we’re not about asking for fees to promote companies that are part of the made in USA community. We just like finding and sharing info about more of the people who feel the same way that we do!

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