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by Bullet Blues

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We’ve been privileged to have been featured on a blog recently:  “Mrs American Made.” It gives us some awesome USA-made fashion inspiration! We want one of every single “Made in the USA” items that Ana Bogusky has modeled–not just our jeans! We love Velvet, Nanette Lepore, Ulla Johnson… just to name a few. We want to look cute, and we’re not “super-duper fashionistas” so we understand exactly where she’s coming from.

And looking around Ana’s blog, and finding out about her, we’ve seen some of the causes, blogs and Facebook pages that she and her husband are involved with. Alex Bogusky is behind “Made Movement“–we’ve mentioned it on our Facebook page before. Wow, what a smart way to feature USA-made products! “Boom points” is just the greatest concept, and the flash site and the way the “made in the USA” items are curated around a theme…seriously, it’s just so well done, designed and thought out.

Made movement

Another cause that Ana and Alex have developed: “Fearless Cottage”. It’s a great concept, a site full of issues that everyone should care about. In their words, it  “explores a new, more meaningful relationship between people, brands and culture.”

Our favorite post so far is “Do We Matter?”…and, duh, of course, we all do. But read about an insightful way of perceiving it on the blog. Check it out and see if you don’t agree–what a really thought-provoking place Fearless Cottage is. Their Facebook page is here.

Common, is dedicated to “mattering”…so “do shit that matters”. Did you do something that mattered today? Did you like a Facebook post today?….great! But guess what? That doesn’t matter.

Ana Bogusky

But back to Ana’s blog,  We just find it so fantastic when we see someone wearing Bullet Blues jeans. We love it! A product we’ve designed and labored over, all the details, sourcing all the materials in the US…it was hard work. Of course, we know we’re not the only ones doing this. We have to hand it to all the small and not-so-small companies out there committed to making things in the USA. And all the consumers asking, “Is it made in the USA?” And all the retailers saying, “I need to carry more things made in the USA.”

That matters.

“Fear less, love more” and buy things made in the USA.

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