A little information about modal

by Bullet Blues

Our beautiful new fall collection of tops and dresses is made of a modal/spandex blend. We chose modal because it’s got so many wonderful qualities. We’ve mentioned how soft and buttery it feels. Plus the colors are rich, and the slight sheen is beautiful! You can see how rich the colors are from our fabric swatches.

bullet blues collection

Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from reconstituted cellulose from the beech tree. It is very soft and popular for both clothing and household textiles such as bedding, and towels. Modal may be used on its own or in a blend with cotton or other textiles. In many ways, modal acts like cotton, but it also has some significant advantages over cotton.

Modal is considered a type of rayon. While rayon may be made of the wood pulp  of a number of different trees, modal uses only beechwood. Modal is considered bio-based rather than natural because, though the raw materials used to make it are natural, they are processed using a number of chemicals.

Like other types of rayon, originally marketed as “artificial silk” modal is soft, smooth and breathes well. Its texture is similar to that of cotton or silk It is cool to the touch and very absorbent. Like cotton, modal dyes easily and becomes color-fast after submersion in warm water.

One of the advantages of modal over cotton is its resistance to shrinkage, a notorious problem with cotton. Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction. Its smoothness also makes hard water deposits less likely to adhere to the surface, so the fabric stays soft through repeated washings.

Because we’re choosy, we put a lot of thought into the choice of fabric for our collection. It’s often blended with cotton, while we picked a modal/spandex blend that retains its shape and has a wonderful drape to it. And we think you’ll be really happy when you see and feel what an amazing fabric it is!

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