Happy Thanksgiving Day

by Bullet Blues

My 1/2 Cup Full or Empty of Life

This evening after work, our team is being invited to my boss’s home for a Thanksgiving Dinner. Pardon me for my ignorance but I have never been invited to one before and am rather excited about it that I even googled the history of Thanksgiving Day. It seems long but I guess in short and in my very own understanding, it means a celeberation to give thanks after a good harvest. Am I right?

One very interesting thing about this dinner is that all my boss wants for us is to share something that we are truly thankful for this year. I took this rather seriously and really thought about what I am thankful and I realised I have loads and tons of things to be grateful for. I think I shall just share 3 of the most important things that I am grateful for.

1. Family

Yup yes family. Without family…

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